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A documentary by Anna Koch & Julia Lemke

A co-production with ZDF/ Das kleine Fernsehspiel,
funded by Kuratorium junger deutscher Film, Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien (BKM), DFFF.

German distribution by Port au Prince Pictures,
World sales by Taskovski Films

Cinema release Germany: Oct 29, 2020. Digital and DVD release Germany: April 8, 2021.

Four girls living in the lonely vastness of the USA share one passion: The wild world of rodeo. Although they move about in the powerful imagery of the American prairie and the myths of the Wild West, they give it new resonance and break free of it. In a world which used to belong to their fathers and brothers, they prove that “you ride like a girl” is not an insult but a compliment.

Writer & Director: Anna Koch & Julia Lemke
Co-Writer: Melanie Waelde
Director of photography: Julia Lemke
Sound: Anna Koch
Editor: Carlotta Kittel
Sound Design: Jan Pasemann
Mix: Valentin Finke
Music: Peta Devlin, Thomas Wenzel, Paul Eisenach
Producers: Katharina Bergfeld, Martin Heisler
Commissioning editor: Jörg Schneider (ZDF)

LENGTH: 93 min

• Max-Ophüls-Award, 2020

• Krakow Film Festival, 2020 (online edition)
• Zlín Kids- and Youth Film Festival, Czech Republic, Sept 4-10 2020  
  ★ Special mention from ECFA Jury
• Moldox International Documentary FF For Social Change, Moldavia, Sept 9-19 2020
• Achtung Berlin, Germany Sept 16-20, 2020
  ★ Best cinematography in a documentary
• Goldener Spatz, Germany, Sept 20-26, 2020
• Buster Filmfestival, Denmark, Sept 21- Oct 4, 2020
• Lucas Festival for young film fans, Germany, Sep 24 - Oct 1, 2020, OPENING FILM
• Hong Kong International Documentary Festival, Nov 20 - Dec 9, 2020
• Laceno D'Oro Film Festival, Italy, Dec 6-13 2020                                                             
• Salem Film Fest, March 19-28, 2021 (US Premiere)
   ★ Nominated for the American Cinematographers Award
• Femme Revolution Film Festival, Mexico March 13 -April 2021 (Mexico premiere)
• TIFF Junior - Tromsø Children's Film Festival, Norway, Sept 1 -5 2021

    ★ Nominated for the VFF Documentary Production Award 2020
    ★ Nominated for the German Documentary Music Award 2020
    ★ Preselected for the German Film Award 2021 (category „children’s film“)